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One response to “SFDC Acquisiton Spree?”

  1. Mike Volpe

    I think it is most likely they will just buy an email marketing service provider, like Exact Target or Vertical Response. The email companies have some of the best traction on the AppExchange – many thousands and thousands of customers. This is far better customer traction than Eloqua or Marketo (who you mention as probable targets) since they only have about 900 customers combined (not very many compared to the 70,000 customers). Even comparing customer numbers to other marketing software focused firms like Infusionsoft who has 3,000 customers and was founded in 2001, or HubSpot who has 2,000 customers and was just founded in 2006… I just bet that will look to acquire a company with a lot larger customer base than the “marketing automation” players you mention.