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One response to “Why freemium is bad for business”

  1. jmez

    I have to agree with you on this one Phil – for the most part. Eight years ago when I built my first site, I used a free service. Even then I found the limitations weren’t worth the few bucks a month for owning your own site. There are many companies that will give adequate benefits through free shared hosting plans that are upgradeable. The one thing I have always kept and still use for my primary email account is hotmail. It’s been just over 10 years and I forward everything to it. It’s always been there and it’s as feature rich as I need.

    When I started a bagel shop – I wouldn’t think of using free services. It cuts into the credibility of the business. When my daughter-in-law started her cleaning service – same thing.

    The real issue is not that there isn’t anymore ‘free lunch’, but that a legitimate business shouldn’t be going after one.