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  • Let the New Machine Age Begin

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One response to “Let the New Machine Age Begin”

  1. clive boulton

    Terrific and freshly insightful AI in the enterprise article. Thoughtful writing and likely accurate but somehow we have to drive these AI technologies deeper outside the front office. Least we can predict mirror worlds when demand are the Kingdom Keepers like Cruella de Vil and supply are the 101 Dalmatians.

    Enterprise applications are moving closer to customer by way of interactive devices and engaging experiences. Up periscope and scan the horizon: Google, Amazon, Salesforce, all the category leaders are focused on connecting demand and not on connecting supply.

    Opening up a chasm between demand and supply. Amazon reacts by building warehouses for ecommerce fulfillment. Firms like Zulily and Blue Nile mimic Amazon with recommender engine demand driven business models (powered by AI/ML and data sciences). Creating a wide but shallow and flat business bill-of-material model. In doing so demand side vacuums up the lion share of profits and gain scale to (some even have inversion schemes to avoid paying taxes).

    Leaving SMEs and SMBs adrift on far older supply focused systems disconnected from engaged demand (MRP?). Try connecting up these smaller supply firms to the larger digitally transformed demand side. It is almost like connecting Lehman Bros to mortgage holders in the sun belt. They can’t hack it, so they consolidate or fail. Somehow we need to share connected AI and drive it beyond recommender engines and demand.