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One response to “Cloud Content Management to Challenge ECM?”

  1. Janice Taylor Gaines

    Anyone else here reading “I.T. WARS”? I had to read parts of this book as part of my employee orientation at a new job. The book talks about a whole new culture as being necessary – an eCulture – for a true understanding of content management, being that most organizations seem to struggle with a glut of information. Some content, particularly when outdated and having no business value, becomes a liability in terms of storage, processing and even the legal liabilities it can pose. The book has a great chapter on content management, as well as security, risk, project management, acceptable use, various plans and policies, and so on. Just Google “IT WARS” – check out a couple links down and read the interview with the author David Scott. (Full title is “I.T. WARS: Managing the Business-Technology Weave in the New Millennium”).