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One response to “CRM Watchlist 2010 – The SMBs – IVB – Brent Leary Rocks More”

  1. Laurence

    Beside Gist and Xobni, there is also Silentale, a tool that can really help multi-connected professionals to stay in control of all the information related to their contacts and conversations.
    Silentale automatically consolidates the different profiles of your contacts across emails, twitter, linkedin, facebook, etc, and indicates how many messages you’ve exchanged with them, whatever the channel you used. (Note: Gist ask you to import your linkedin connections manually).
    Not only you get a constantly updated 360° view of your network, but you’re able to immediately see if you’ve already communicated with someone and in the latter case, explore your multi-channel communication thread, search for keywords, retrieve attachments, etc.
    Silentale is a Saas service and is available via a web interface and a series of extensions (eg. Firefox and soon the iPhone).
    It is in private beta and still available for free to testers. If you or one of your readers is interested in trying out Silentale, just send us a tweet @silentale and request an invitation code.