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10 responses to “Office Depot Deceptive Advertising”

  1. Big Monkey

    The 1030 unit is a previous generation and it looks like this sale was meant to blow out their inventory of their warehouse and stores and you are mad that they didn’t have enough to sell you? You are seeing the new model that was just produced and you want them to price match it. Withdraw the stick from your crevasse and get a life.

  2. Phillip

    Just a FYI they are NOT the same machine. They are different models with near identical specs. Depot is not to blame it’s the manufacturers that insist on having a new model released every quarter even if they make virtually no improvements. This happens every quarter at every big box retailer, old models get marked as clearance and sold off, while the new (possibly nearly identical) is higher priced.

    Also did you check your local stores instead of the online site? In my area about half of them still have new units of the $449 unit in stock, as a clearance item, and virtually all the rest still had the display which they were willing to sell at the $449 price.

    So if you’re looking for someone to blame, blame HP not the retailer, whoever it may be.

  3. Mike


    The following stores in your area show inventory of the laptop you originally wanted:
    Store 830 in Dublin: 2
    Store 860 in San Leandro: 3
    Store 2160 in Hayward: 2
    …and probably others but that’s as far from 94566 as I checked.

    Pricing remains @ $499.92 and the $50 mail-in rebate is valid through 6/12.

    I know this doesn’t address your complaint, but if you’re still trying to purchase that particular laptop I wanted to let you know where they are available in your area.

    Disclaimer– I work for Office Depot

  4. customer

    Why delete my comments? because its true? Dont put up comment options on an article if you want the world to only see your side of it.

  5. Big Monkey

    Zoli I do work for office depot also and what do I care if you have my IP address. Thanks to mike for helping Zoli see their is product in his area and perhaps he can go pick one up instead of crying for the world to see.

    I expect the internet generation to be a little short tempered but you do need some help.

  6. Phillip

    Mr. Erdos,
    I didn’t say weither I worked at Office Depot one way or another because I was offering my personal opinion, nothing more and didn’t belive it mattered. Not that I was trying to hide anything. I would have offerend the same opinion if the retailer in question was Best Buy, just less likely to see the article.

    Lunch Breaks can be dull if you don’t eat so I surf the net. :shrugs:

    Now as someone how works at Office Depot but in no way represents them in any official capacity publicly, you did pirque my intrest so I did some research by talking with my HP rep in case a customer asked the question and discovered that there is a actual hardware difference between the two models. I’ll admit it is a slight differnce, in that the 1130us has a better quality video card with 128MB of dedicated memory on the video card, or in HP’s words “128MB Display Cache Memory” while the 1030us is entirely shared memory.

    Disclaimer– I work for Office Depot