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4 responses to “How to Use Picasa on Multiple Computers – The Updated Definitive Guide Part 2: the Solution”

  1. Ron Sandmeyer

    excelelnt! works like a charm on my PC so my wife and I now can work with same database on our PSC when we log in as different users and the changes each of us do are reflected.

    QUESTION — when going to Web Albums on web — do we need to use same WebAlbum/gmail account signin to post photos — or can we each sign into our own separate Web Album/gmail accounts? She might want to post different photos and send to different contacts from her own gmail than I would want to do; we each have separate gmail accounts but not sure if after doing your above workaround above on our local machine, if we then also need to use saeme wWebAlbum gmail account when we sign in.

  2. the_roggy

    I created a little application that makes the same things possible, but a bit more convenient…
    Check it out here:

  3. Diego

    Excellent! exactly what I was looking for.
    btw, one mistake, the command:
    mklink /d P  O
    should be:
    mklink /d P  O:

  4. » Hvordan bruker Picasa på flere PC’er og med flere brukere