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Global VP and Internet of Things Evangelist for SAP. Previously independent analyst focusing on the Internet of Things, Energy and CleanTech, Analyst for RedMonk, leading their GreenMonk practice. Co-founder and director of hyper energy-efficient data center Cork Internet eXchange. Tom serves on the Advisory Boards of SmartCities World and

5 responses to “Interesting energy storage solutions?”

  1. Dennis Moore

    I heard that Switzerland (and France?) pumps water to the top of a mountain at night, using nuclear power, and then runs it down the mountain during the day to generate hydro …

  2. Chuck Minty

    The smart money will be on the Vanadium Redox Battery.

    Discover Magazine: Vanadium – The Element That Could Change the World: The Vanadium Battery: The Ultimate Energy Storage Solution –

  3. David Connolly

    There is a full and free overview of energy storage at

  4. Eric Mair

    George Bernard Shaw said “One should never be absolutely sure about anything”. This is good advice and applies to those who have written pumped storage off so entirely.
    Tom, I’ll try to dig up your email address to get you up to speed on some of the very interesting energy storage schemes I have come across, including pumped storage.
    Just in case I luck out on your email address, my email address is – if you are interested?