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Global VP and Internet of Things Evangelist for SAP. Previously independent analyst focusing on the Internet of Things, Energy and CleanTech, Analyst for RedMonk, leading their GreenMonk practice. Co-founder and director of hyper energy-efficient data center Cork Internet eXchange. Tom serves on the Advisory Boards of SmartCities World and

2 responses to “The rise of the energy manager role”

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  2. Mattyoung

    IT will be embedded in every place that uses energy, cars, streets, warehouse shelves, warehouse equipment, pipelines, electrical grids, electrical meters, wall sockets, etc. Everywhere the battle becomes Silicon vs Oil. Each individual mirror in solar thermal will have Silicon. Energy pricing will be real time, measured and priced by Silicon. Traffic systems track and organize traffic in congestion pricing. Buses have Silicon based lane guidance, and so on. Transit system funded by Silicon managed real tiem congestion fees. The game is on and Silicon beats Oil is my prediction.