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One response to “Oootsourcing done right?”

  1. Scott

    I always feel like they are very friendly but totally unhelpful people on zipcar’s customer service line. Or they want to help, but they haven’t been empowered to do so.

    I love the idea of car sharing, and I keep hoping that zipcar will work out, but it never does. I think the failure is that they place such a great emphasis on getting the message out, and getting good media, but when something goes wrong, customer service can’t help. They always offer plenty of apologies, and “we really wish we could help you but…”

    I keep planning to get rid of my zipcard (which keeps breaking, and they charge you a replacement fee unless you go out of your way to visit their offices and prove to them it doesn’t work), but I keep hoping they’ll get better. It’s like sticking with an abusive boyfriend because he really cares about the environment and recycles every Wednesday.