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4 responses to “Apple’s truly lasting influence”

  1. Marilyn Pratt

    Fascinating post about business models and Apple’s influence on industry but perhaps we may never *really* know the lasting influence that the Apple industry has on things like the environment. I was surprised to read today (the same day as your posting Vinnie) how Apple shareholders rejected having Apple create a detailed sustainability report. Apple shareholders say no to environmental measures . That’s a bit disappointing news in the context of lasting influences. With the potential of being such a leading business role model, one would hope that a green apple would be sweeter one in the bin.

  2. Martin English

    Marilyn, Vinnie,
    I remember when Apple was the IT counter-culture, including environmentalism. Seeing Marilyn’s reply reminded me of the recent SDN article – Sustainability, the efficiency proxy.
    Perhaps it’s Jobs’ way of doing things, perhaps its a bit of arrogance, but we DO expect people / organisations to live up to their image 🙂

  3. ipad

    Your right about that, I bought many $15 dollar CDs for one song. Popular bands for years made a killing by working on one song and filling the rest of the album with crappy fillers so they can charge for a full album. I think the growth of Ebooks will help new authors the most, because you don’t need a publisher.

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