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Brian is one of the titans of the technology services arena with more than 25 years experience in the field, 10 of which were served as Senior Director of Andersen Consulting's (now Accenture's) global Software Intelligence unit.

One response to “If they sold enterprise software on television …”

  1. Jon Reed

    Someday we’ll record this as audio 🙂

    Also – regarding my informercial past, our of college, I once interviewed the now-departed Don Lapre on live radio – that’s right, the “tiny classified ads” “out of my one room apartment” millionaire and infomercial king. It was rather amazing as me and my co-host Patrick Borelli (now a writer for the Jimmy Fallon show) were making fun of Lapre on the air. Some of his associates found out about it, and before the night was over, we had him live on the phone. Yes, later on he wound up on prison for money laundering and so on, but hey – that doesn’t take away from the power of tiny classified ads. He could have founded Google if he’d thought about the implications of tiny ads harder…