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One response to “Joel Spolsky and Kathy Sierra are Close, But There is More to Blogging”

  1. Amrinder Arora

    You say that that is really the entire secret to marketing with the Internet: “You have to give in order to get.” But I don’t find that to be a secret at all. I think that particular line has been said many times before, and is well understood. I think where Spolsky excelled as a marketer was in putting excellent stories out, which had a lesson. Usually, that lesson applied to software, so essentially, the “brand” that he built was a personal rapport and credibility with the software community. (I guess, that is the brand that you refer to, as well.) Now, he is off to building brands with other demographics, so he can sell to those demographics. FogBugz succeded (just like Basecamp) even though the software is fairly weak in terms of feature by feature comparison to other project management tools, in large part due to his own blog. Now, with newcomers and more complete online tools like Genius Inside, Easy Projects, BizMerlin, Smart Sheets, etc arriving on the stage, it does make sense to try to milk some other market.