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VP Strategic Growth at Unifi Software. Previously VP positions at HP Vertica, Yankee Group and Aberdeen Group, amongst others.

3 responses to “Nexus One – Week One”

  1. Alan Gerow

    I got a Nexus One as soon as the AT&T 3G compatible version was available after 2 years of using iPhones … and my expectations and usage are very similar. I use mainly Google services have found its integration to be easy and adds tremendous value to the phone. I even switched to using Google Voice from AT&T’s voice mail, having never been interested in Google Voice previously. Though I didn’t find viewing videos through the Gallery app to be very intuitive at all … I initially thought it didn’t ship with an installed method to view videos. I’m so thankful to finally be free of having to use iTunes to manage my phone. I can be much lazier about it now that my iPhone 3G is nothing more than a free-to-update iPod Touch.

  2. Steve

    Curious: Did you need to change your AT&T account at all or just move the SIM? I’ve heard that AT&T’s iPhone data plan is incompatible with other phones and/or the service agreement restricts you to using iPhones only. Not sure how much of this is fact and how much is FUD.