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2 responses to “M&A Observations: NorthgateArinso Acquires Convergys’ HRO Business”

  1. Joe

    Great article, some of what you stated was felt by those of us on the front lines. Deloitte literally raped us from the start, not just by leaving us with the heavy lifting, but by not even knowing how to do the work we hired them for. In fact many times they would shuffle the work back to us because they could not complete it or didn’t know how. For the last several years it was so frustration working through this mess. It was almost like sitting on the Titanic after striking the iceberg. We knew it was a sinking ship, but could not do anything except sit and wait. We are nervous about the acquisition because of the unknown. So what do we do?

    Living through this disaster was not easy. Especially when watching good workers laid off every other month while upper management, who made the costly decisions, still function in these positions continuing to make poor costly decisions. Who’s suffering for this? We are, or at least the ones that are still left. I wish articles like this came out much sooner. Maybe with some light shed on this dark matter some of us could have gotten into the life boats before it was too late.

  2. John Riley

    Great write up. To me, NorthgateArinso is going to be quite an asset to Convergys and its customers, and not so much the other way around. NGA is a truly global company, which has a platform that can be used in every single Fortune 500 company, without too much nipping and tucking. I am very pleased with the merger, and look forward to see what NorthgateArinso does.