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7 responses to “Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPad”

  1. Zoe

    I dont think it is iPad as such, but rather the acceptance of tablet style computing that will matter. I am waiting to see what the “Droid-ians” will do. If there are strong competitors that are more open but as good in other ways, they will gain traction.

    Where I think this may change the game is in unlikely places. Where Windows reigns at the moment. Hospital software, manufacturing plants, etc.

  2. jeff Nolan

    That’s a really good point… the iPad may be an inflection moment in the adoption of tablet computing.

    RE the Droid, the B&N Nook is powered by Android so with that you can start to see some competitive potential developing.

  3. chingaling

    agreed truly ipad is not worth the money we’re putting in it. it just seems pointless to buy one. at first i was really excited with idea of great browsihg exprience on ipad. but just for that should i pay so much!!!!…its stupid. those are considering to buy it should weigh pros and cons…its just not worth the money we’re putting in that thing!

  4. joshua booth

    i to was excited about the ipad but REALY disapointed that its just a giant ipod this would have been a number 1 item if it simply acted somewhat like a pc throw a usb port in it and the ability to download programs and boom it would have owned all

  5. Ryan Battles

    I still don’t know what I’d do with an iPad. At first I thought that I’d watch Hulu on it wherever I wanted, but then realized that it doesn’t have flash. I then learned that Hulu is possibly going to make an app for the iPad, and maybe even charge a subscription for it. Now I’m paying for something that used to be free, simply so I don’t have to have a keyboard attached to my fancy new touch screen monitor. Quite honesltly, I’ve never found myself wishing I had something like an iPad, and I’m guessing that I never will.

  6. C Jones

    I feel about the iPAD the same way that I feel about my iPaq with it’s slide on GSM backpack and my Nokia Tablet, it will create the proverbial teacup storm and then it will go away and be relegated to the bottom drawer, of course there will be some users who will swear it is the greatest thing since sliced bread but then when you are shelling out a not inconsiderable number of dollars for such a thing, you have to justify the expense by using it intensively for at least a few months.

    It is, as you suggest a fad-worthy piece of technology.

  7. Phil

    I made the decision the day the ipad was released in the US that I would only get the basic one at first. I don’t need a huge amount of space on it, few episodes of tv series, bit of music and a few ebooks/pdf docs will more than likely be all I use it for. But had problems getting one from within Europe as the release was scheduled for may ending, however I finally had it shipped from auzelect based in Germany.

    I’ve waited this long for a device and I was kind of disappointed, because the device itself could not handle that sort of usage,