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Obsessed with how companies manage, spend and save money, Jason writes about procurement, trade and supply chain issues @ Spend Matters. He has significant first hand experience developing and marketing technology and services products, has advised numerous companies on sourcing and related techniques as well as M&A pursuits.  In previous lives before tech, he was a management consultant and merchant banking analyst.

One response to “China, Mexico and Beyond — The Latest Trends and Savings Percentages in Global Sourcing (Part 1)”

  1. Mark

    No surprise here. When the USA actually made everything domestically, it had one of the strongest economies in the world. As outsourcing accelerated, the economy weakened, to the point of the collapse that we have experienced today.

    If American businesses want to become more efficient, they would be well advised to pay their lobbyists to lobby for a 90% reduction in the financial industry, and the elimination of immigration and guest workers from low-wage countries such as India and Mexico in high value jobs.