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Founder, Managing Principal, The 56 Group, LLC, author of several best-selling books, including CRM at the Speed of Light: Social CRM Strategies, Tools, and Techniques for Engaging Your Customers, but most importantly known as the Grandfather of CRM.

3 responses to “CRM for the iPad: Does It Exist? Can It? You Tell Me”

  1. Stafford

    Great Point! CRM for Road Warriors, for instance, no one is going to use an iPad at the office. But just as people check personal email at work, they could also bring the office home on their iPad. Although primarily designed for household use, there are some key business functionalities that can be accomplished with it. For example a sales rep or a marketing manager could mix pleasure with work on the weekends by switching between watching a movie and checking the latest metrics on her online CRM instance. Our company (Intelestream) strongly believes in mixing work with fun and fun with work. That’s why we have made our online CRM, intelecrm fully compatible with the device.

  2. CRM for the iPad – Part 2

    […] I announced the contest for iPad CRM applications (at least from your mind’s eye) about a month ago, one thing I didn’t expect was the speed that […]

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