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7 responses to “What can we learn from software development job posts? (SQL, Java, and XML will get you a job!)”

  1. Zoe

    You may want to check out a small app engine application some wrote…

    the details are not quite there… but.

  2. sachin

    Great post to read. I just drop here to read.

    I believe PHP is doing great as a web development language. however you should have through knowledge of SQL, HTML, XML, Javascript, CSS as a professional php developer.


  3. Paul D

    Guys can u please please tell how one can learn so many languages to be a developer(like e.g SQL, HTML, XML, Javascript, CSS ). my brain gets overheated the moment i finish reading one page of tutorial for one particular program .please avise id love to be a programmer

  4. Dennis Moore

    Paul D –

    There are many tutorials on the web – use your favorite search engine to find them. Try to do all the examples in the tutorials, but also think of additional things you can do and go beyond just what they ask you to do in the tutorial. Change around what it does so you can really get to know how to use the language. Build something similar to the tutorial example, but do it from scratch on your own as you finish each section. Pretty soon you’ll know the language well enough. Good luck!

    – Dennis

  5. siva

    Gr8 post!
    I have 3 questions.
    1. Oracle acquired sun. Will it effect usage of Java by companies using open source
    technologies? and thus the numbers of jobs in java?
    2. Sun owns MySQL. What will be MySQL demand in future? Will oracle neglect it’s further
    3. Which is in more demand – PHP/Ruby/Python/Perl?

    Kindly, reply.

    Many Thanks,

  6. siva

    Dear Dennis,

    Thanks for the fantastic insight ! I appreciate your analysis and firmly believe that the information you put above is valuable for any job/career seekers. Also, one can see an element of caution/direction in it.

    Many Thanks,