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2 responses to “Workday and the unspoken benefits of SaaS”

  1. Tom Wailgum

    Phil — great post. It seems that the point you make is, in fact, emblematic of Workday’s (and NetSuite’s and’s) ultimate strategy: To remove from the RFP/customer evaluation the “delivery” aspect of the enterprise software equation, and focus more on the software itself — the features and functionalities that make it superior. When that happens, and there’s no more traditional vendor FUD that can be employed, then the answer for many companies will be, more and more, Workday and NetSuite and

  2. Prithviraj

    This article is not able to separate the inherent benefits of SaaS from Workday’s unique advantages. If Workday derives all advantages because it is SaaS, it is no harm.
    I agree that software of on-premise are written in earlier era and a clean SaaS model actualy needs a complete development from scratch with a modern Architecture.

    – Prithviraj S