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Independent analyst and systems architect specializing in business process management and Enterprise 2.0. Previously founded two successful product and service companies focusing on content management, BPM and e-commerce. Featured conference speaker on BPM and its impact on business, and writes the Column 2 blog on BPM and Enterprise 2.0. All posts are © Sandy Kemsley.

One response to “TIBCO’s Recent Acquisitions: DataSynapse, Foresight, Netrics and Spotfire”

  1. chris clabaugh

    Sandy, nice article. For your next, might I suggest talking to Tibco about another very recent acquisition: Kabira Technologies (April 2010). That acquisition will enable Tibco users to have one transactional view of a business process, from high-latency back end business systems, down through low-latency high speed network elements- perfect for the emergence of new calsses of applications leveraging 4G and gig WiMax infrastructures.