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Independent analyst and systems architect specializing in business process management and Enterprise 2.0. Previously founded two successful product and service companies focusing on content management, BPM and e-commerce. Featured conference speaker on BPM and its impact on business, and writes the Column 2 blog on BPM and Enterprise 2.0. All posts are © Sandy Kemsley.

8 responses to “TIBCO BPM Now and Future: iProcess, Meet ActiveMatrix BPM”

  1. Jazon Samillano

    Wow! This is a very detailed covering of the AMX BPM product. I’m very impressed with how much info you were able to gather from Vegas during the showcases. Rachel Brennan of TIBCO did a great job giving a demo of this product at the showcase. Thanks for the article.

  2. Sayi Sathyavan

    Thank you Sandy, giving such a detailed report on AMX BPM.

  3. Arun

    Great article!!!You clarified in the very first paragraph, what I was wondering about:
    “AMX BPM is not an upgrade to iProcess, it’s a new product, based on a new technical architecture, and already (at version 1) provides more functionality than iProcess”

  4. Richard Cottrill

    Hi Sandy,

    As a veteran of iProcess and InConcert, who’s painfully aware of the issues that come with scaling them (or coping with poorly considered architecture) – are there any references to how TIBCO expects the next-gen BPM to scale? I’ve had my own ideas on the topic, and I’d like to know what’s so new and clever.



  5. Sandy Kemsley

    Hi Richard,

    I did another in-depth briefing with Roger King later in the year ( where he covered off a lot more of the architecture and infrastructure. At the time, I’m not sure that they had a big enough client base to really make any performance predictions, but considering that they’ve been living with the iProcess architecture for the past 20 years, it does look like they’ve made some reasonable decisions in the architecture.

  6. fred

    AMX sure has more features than iProcess, but now at version 1.1 its still too unstable…

  7. Frank

    I can’t believe companies are actually buying this crap “AMX BPM” product.
    AMX BPM is unbelievable resource intensive, unstable, error prone and loaded with bugs.

    Sorry TIBCO, but this is the worst software I’ve ever seen!