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3 responses to “SAP + Sybase: Sy-Who?”

  1. John Panagulias


    Great analysis. I think SAP is playing catch-up and that’s not a strength of theirs, as you pointed out. It feels an awful lot like when Sun bought StorageTek. Sure, one can talk about synergy and direction, but if the premise is wrong it surely won’t matter.

    I think you hit the mark when focus on the “paradigm shift” of cloud computing. It highlights the misreading of this shift by SAP and underscores their predicament. SAP took the predictable route and one that Wall Street understands and can easily quantify. A bolder move in the area of cloud “enablement”, as you suggest, would have actually been more strategic.

    Luckily for SAP they’ve got a huge installed base that is fairly loyal. But, the problem is these customers have more options today than ever before and that is only going to accelerate. It could be death by a thousand cuts.

  2. Bob Warfield

    Thanks John. I just think that as the product-driven company faced off against the numbers-driven company, they need to be taking much bolder product steps.

    Otherwise, it will be harder and harder to compete.



  3. Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

    Good post, the writing flows well in it. All of your movie references imbedded in this piece reminded me of a broader blog post I had written on the Sybase deal that mentioned Glengarry Glen Ross:’s_hoping_sap’s_purchase_of_sybase_helps_crm