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Independent analyst and systems architect specializing in business process management and Enterprise 2.0. Previously founded two successful product and service companies focusing on content management, BPM and e-commerce. Featured conference speaker on BPM and its impact on business, and writes the Column 2 blog on BPM and Enterprise 2.0. All posts are © Sandy Kemsley.

3 responses to “BPM and Case Management Webinar Q&A”

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  2. Sandeep

    Hi Sandy,

    I am working to design a solution for my client. However I am not so sure if a Case Management Solution fits in the requirements. What I understand is that the Case Management Process flow needs to be dynamic and Knowledge based and thus human centric (a bit !!).
    However, In a scenario, where your current process optimization requires a lot of Service orchestration and Choreography, to achieve the Automation, with not so many humans participating as actors, does Case Management still can be used?


  3. Sandy Kemsley

    Hi Sandeep,

    Most case management solutions allow for both the human-facing knowledge work and also service orchestration, rules and event management in the background. In situations where there are regulations that apply, such as insurance claims or healthcare case management, the automated parts work in the background to bring the necessary events forward to the knowledge worker, and help to enforce whatever regulatory requirements that exist. This still allows the worker to choose what they want to do next, but if they choose something that does have a regulatory or compliance component, the system can help them to meet those requirements.