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9 responses to “Amazon Stealing the Cloud”

  1. Michael T.

    Bob, I think your choice of words, “stealing the cloud”, is completely inappropriate and flat out wrong. Amazon is succeeding in the cloud because the service is reliable, cost effective (probably due to economies of scale and having experience in managing this type of infrastructure), very platform agnostic (on both ends), VPN-friendly, tightly integrated with billing, decently elastic, and offers a broad range of services to implementors. I think you owe Amazon an apology for such an off-based accusation.

    I do agree, however, that an Amazon PaaS offering probably isn’t far off.

  2. Bob Warfield

    Michael, have you never heard the expression “stole the show?”

    Sometimes stealing isn’t a bad thing.



  3. Michael T.

    Fair enough. In any case, they have a lead in the cloud space for a reason. I, too, would love to see a comprehensive PaaS offering. Google and are functionality weak at present, and could easily be surpassed by Amazon if they were able to find something compelling for creating modern UI mashups of services.

  4. Jonathan Price

    There is no doubt that Amazon has a lead in public cloud provision, and the level of threat from their competitors will probably be dictated by the pace of innovation in this emerging market. Another factor will likely be the take-up of services such as Amazon by larger, Enterprise-size, corporate IT departments. See how these larger companies can exploit Amazon at

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