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Vice President, Research at Gartner, focusing on Data Management and Integration. Three decades in the IT Industry, most recently running his own IT Market Strategy, prior to that with Forrester as Senior Vice President, earlier with the Giga Information Group.

4 responses to “Microsoft’s Parallel DW – Still Waiting”

  1. Amit

    Please send me more details.


  2. Merv Adrian

    Not sure if this is to be taken seriously, but there are links in the post if you want details.

  3. John S

    What are your thoughts regarding MIcrosoft 2008 R2 as a viable option for DW and specifically DW supporting a mixed workload?

  4. merv

    SQL Server is a capable platform, in use by very many organizations. Mixed workload is a challenge, but it’s all about scale, complexity and the skills of the people putting it together. Microsoft is not at the top of the scale list but can handle most organizations’ needs; it’s relatively complex as these things go, but not impossible to work with; skills are widely available. Management tools are coming along, and those skills are also out there in the market.

    This may seem less than a ringing endorsement; it’s not intended that way. SQL Server belongs on your short list unless you’re pushing the envelope.