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Chief Marketing Officer at Axioma Inc, also Acting CMO for Adjuvi. Previously CMO of LexisNexis North America, Global Vice President at SAP, where he led SAP’s Social Media Strategy & Total Customer Experience efforts. Named to FierceCMO's Top 15 B2B CMO's to watch and one of the top 100 CMO’s on Twitter, Steve is the founder of AbleBrains, a unique agency which utilizes brain science to deliver digital marketing, social media and content and branding to build and scale businesses.

One response to “Enterprise 2.0: New Tech, Same Old Marketing”

  1. David Lavenda

    Here are a few reasons vendors still do trade shows:
    it is a great way to arrange meetings with analysts. Yes, you can arrange meetings “on the side” – but there is no substitute for having a presence where you can elegantly demo your offerings.
    it is a good platform for BD meetings – again, you can do without the booth, but it is a lot better with a real presence.
    it is a chance to actually talk to people face to face. Agreed, the level of leads is dismally low, however, if you are in the right place, the folks walking around will give you some good feedback about the product, the messaging, etc.
    Bottom line – while there is more and more stuff being done online today – there is no substitute for meeting people face to face. If I do a cost analysis about how much it will cost me to travel to meet all the folks who I meet at the trade show, it is still much cheaper than doing each meeting one by one. And…if you do get some good leads – it’s gravy.
    So, if you do a show, don’t blow money on huge booths and expensive giveaways. Focus on focused and modest goals for the show. For the $10K or so it takes to do a show, you can get a lot of mileage if you do “it right.