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6 responses to “Samsung Galaxy S vs. Samsung Galaxy S”

  1. Bob

    As far as I can tell, the only difference between the two is that the Captivate has more buttons at the bottom than the original Galaxy S. Also, the Captivate has a gyroscope and I’m not sure if the Galaxy S does.

  2. Miqo

    Correct, and yes confusing. They are both the Galaxy S, but for different companies. The top, more sexy one, is the Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile. While the other is the Samsung Captivate for AT&T. They are both in the Galaxy S family, but have difference “codenames”.

  3. Miqo

    Oh, and for Sprint it’s the EPIC 4G and for Verizon it’s the Fascinate…all Samsung Galaxy S

  4. Philippe

    As well the top pne have a front facing camera and the ATT model (captivate) does not.

  5. Phoneboy

    Galaxy S has a secondary camera which the Captivate does not have. Galaxy S also has better 3g frequencies and TV out function. The Galaxy S captivate has more button at the bottom and also a gyroscope which I am not sure the Galaxy S has.

  6. Paulius'x

    who better samsung galaxy s or captivate???