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Chief Marketing Officer at Axioma Inc, also Acting CMO for Adjuvi. Previously CMO of LexisNexis North America, Global Vice President at SAP, where he led SAP’s Social Media Strategy & Total Customer Experience efforts. Named to FierceCMO's Top 15 B2B CMO's to watch and one of the top 100 CMO’s on Twitter, Steve is the founder of AbleBrains, a unique agency which utilizes brain science to deliver digital marketing, social media and content and branding to build and scale businesses.

2 responses to “11 Methods To Get 25 Items From 8 Platforms For 3 Reasons Using Web 2.0”

  1. Geoff Devereux

    Hahaha… you’re not the only one singing this tune these days, but good old human nature is working against you. That, and most blog posts giving aspiring bloggers pointers on getting traffic. Click bait rules!

    Personally, I would prefer to see an end to the absurd analogy post, stuff like….

    …. what BP can learn about PR from World Cup
    or…. what SMBs can learn from punk rock bands

    and all that.

  2. Steve Mann

    Yup… click bait does rule unfortunately. I guess that means I won’t have a huge readership then, but at least I will like what I write about. I hear you on the analogy posts too!

    Thanx for the comment!