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10 responses to “Chatter is Not Social CRM”

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  2. Randy Littleson

    Jeff – who do you consider to be the leading social CRM providers?

  3. CorieCRM

    I really think its a matter of using Chatter correctly in order to reap its benefit. I think it is purposeful for larger organizations that can use the social tool to collaborate with co-workers and work on business deals, but for those smaller companies, I question whether its simply another distraction. I recently wrote a blog about Chatter and the many questions that it raises, you should check it out and let me know your thoughts.

  4. Jim Berkowitz

    You make a good point about Chatter being a feature set and not Social CRM – Social CRM IS a strategy… however there may be some technologies that can help organizations with the execution of their strategy… However your comment – “by this time next year we will have seen the bulk of the social media monitoring and brand reputation analytics and ideation on R&D and product/project management acquired by larger companies” sounds like people have been saying about CRM since the 80s… Yes there will be some consolidation but for every company bought, 2-3 new ones will come onto the market. The Social CRM technology marketplace is a free-for-all right now and I don’t expect that it will end any time soon!

  5. Jeff Nolan

    Hi Jim,
    Point in fact, the CRM market did consolidate dramatically and the bulk of companies created in the first and second wave did get acquired.

    Specifically on social CRM, let’s take one segment as an example, social media monitoring and brand reputation analytics. There are 145 distinct products or services in this space, it’s hard to imagine any other scenario than broad based consolidation.

  6. Emma Hoyle

    You are right in saying that Chatter has the ability to dramatically transform customer relations practices. What’s interesting is that a lot of that will be behind the scenes, so the customer might not see what’s going on but will benefit from an improved service. As a user of the app ourselves, we see distinct business benefits. It has reduced e-mail volumes, especially the long and fragmented message chains in which it’s sometimes difficult to discern who started a conversation, who is involved in it and what actions need to be taken. It makes it easier to see and respond to things which means you can be more proactive in dealing with issues as they arise because you see them so much earlier.

    We have built Chatter collaboration into our accounting app and we see great benefits for innovative customers, including more frequent and effective collaboration around sales opportunities, customer accounts and service issues in order to achieve best pricing and payment structures for big deals or avoid costly payment delays and disputes.

  7. Pradeep

    145 distinct products? Is there a list or some comparisons done somewhere? If a client is shopping around – how does one evaluate these?

  8. Juan Manuel Garrido

    This is want I think about Salesforce.Com Chatter:
    “Cool. Fun. Easy. Useful. Flexible. Cumbersome. Collaborative. Accessible. Straightforward. Convenient.Revolutionary.”

    Please vote for my ideas for Chatter in the Salesforce CRM Community!:

  9. CRM blog

    Social CRM is definitely a new concept for quite a few companies. It takes patience and creativity to really achieve success. It’s not something that is going to happen overnight.

  10. Shaunda Tollerson

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