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2 responses to “EMC Buys Greenplum – Big Data Realignment Continues”

  1. guest

    >> published a record-breaking TPC-H benchmark over virtualized storage.

    This is not correct. This benchmark was ran on off the shelf servers with local disks only, no virtualized storage. No EMC play.

  2. Merv Adrian

    You’re correct – my statement was inexact. Thanks for pointing it out. Here’s the actual story, from ParAccel’s Barry Zane:

    The benchmark was NOT run over virtualized storage. It used direct attached disks. It WAS based on VMWare virtual machines, running two VMs per server. Each VM was given ownership of half the drives. No EMC in the picture at all, other than the fact that they own most of the VMWare shares.

    There’s another factual error regarding ParAccel. We do NOT rely on a SAN (such as EMC) for HA. ParAccel clusters that are SAN-less use their own cross-node internal mirroring, we call it RAID-P. In a SAN-connected environment, we turn off RAID-P and just consider the SAN the mirror copy for HA. We do leverage the SAN for DR. By doing so, we are the ONLY young vendor that has a DR offering at all.