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Obsessed with how companies manage, spend and save money, Jason writes about procurement, trade and supply chain issues @ Spend Matters. He has significant first hand experience developing and marketing technology and services products, has advised numerous companies on sourcing and related techniques as well as M&A pursuits.  In previous lives before tech, he was a management consultant and merchant banking analyst.

3 responses to “A Review of Ariba Discovery (Part 1)”

  1. Michael

    Ariba RIPPED ME OFF! How can a company charge $79.00 for a sales lead/Introduction and never provide the paying customer any feedback or information. THIS IS A HUGE WASTE OF TIME, ENERGY & MONEY! I will NEVER, EVER use Ariba again!!!!!

    Next stop, the Attorney Generals office!

  2. Jeff

    I agree with Michael. I also subscribed to this service and was very unimpressed. On the few occasions I inquired about postings I never got any feedback. When I decided to cancel my subscription and asked for a prorated refund, their initial reply was that they had no record that I was a paid subscriber and asked that I provide proof. I did and they promised to get back to me. That was over a week ago. Still nothing.

    Both their product and their customer service are poor.

  3. Fred

    Yet another Ponzi scheme. Ariba demonstrated their business ethics during the 2000 internet bubble, resulting in legal actions. Purchase by SAP will not change the culture there.