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Partner, Storm Ventures. Previously VP of product management & strategy at across applications and platform. Previously founded and led Oracle SaaS Platform, and held engineering and product management roles in SOA and Identity Management. Anshu has a B. Tech. (Honors) and M.S. in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill respectively. Read his blog here.

7 responses to “Desktopless World: Is Your Email Signature Stuck in Desktop Era?”

  1. schultzter

    I read Dave’s article after I read yours, and I think you need to read some the comments posted along with his article.

    In particular the comment about SOX compliance, unfortunately that blows your whole one-line-sig out of the water.

    And where I work my sig has to be bilingual.

    So I got my basic info (pretty much what you describe), my SOX compliance, and then times two for the other language. I’m at eight lines, no fluff!

  2. Andrew K. Reese

    Anshu, I agree with you on the fax and social media stuff, but I often cut-and-paste an e-mail address from the signature into text-based contact lists for one project or another. If the e-mail address is not included in the signature, I either have to search through the e-mail string to find it or access it through the e-mailer’s ‘Outlook Properties,’ either of which is a pain. I also find address information useful just to know where a given contact is based (assuming that I don’t recognize the area code) and for those occasional instances when I need to snail-mail something. The real key here seems to me to be proper signature management, i.e., using a full signature at the start of an e-mail chain, but using only a foreshortened version (e.g., just name, phone, e-mail) or none on subsequent replies. — Andy

  3. Dennis Moore

    Don’t agree on the e-mail address in sig – especially for the mobile world. Don’t forget that messages are often forwarded, and then a sig copy of your e-mail address is essential if someone wants to respond to you or add you to their contacts list. Of course, these days, is always a good guess …

  4. Daniel Graversen

    I would also agree with Dennis. Emails get forwarded and you never know what will happen, to your email in that process.
    But I do like all the other ideas.

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  6. Aswath Rao

    A single URL pointing to the sender’s profile page is sufficient, with the profile page providing all these information.

  7. William Imhoff

    I love e-mail signatures. Fun for everyone when you have a creative signature.
    Thanks for sharing.