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Founder, Managing Principal, The 56 Group, LLC, author of several best-selling books, including CRM at the Speed of Light: Social CRM Strategies, Tools, and Techniques for Engaging Your Customers, but most importantly known as the Grandfather of CRM.

One response to “SCRMish Thoughts – A Look Back at 1st Half of 2010”

  1. Roger Horn at Intelestream

    Interesting thoughts on the first half of 2010 and sCRM. It is amazing to look back and see such vast changes, and within such a relatively small time frame. But we all know, that within the realm of technology, it’s not difficult for products to be mimicked; individuals to assume leadership roles; and for confusion to hit the masses. As social CRM continues to evolve, and more and more developers jump onto the product bandwagon, it’s important to inform the public of the key basic assets of social CRM: excellent and expert consultation to help you develop your social CRM strategy; and a solid social CRM solution that will enable your business not only to leverage social media today, but also streamline and enhance its internal communication infrastructure. That’s exactly what intelesocial does.