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5 responses to “Life with Evo”

  1. Sal

    Have you updated your EVO to android 2.2 yet? I just did last night and EVO feels 2-3x faster now for everything.

    1. Jeff Nolan

      updated to Froyo last night… it is fast but it’s also causing a java exception error somewhere (which is annoying but not affecting any app apparently).

  2. kathleen mazzocco

    How do you like Sprint service?

    1. Jeff Nolan

      I like Sprint… their integrated features and help are impressive and customer service seems to be pretty good.

  3. Mo

    You hit it right on the dot. I hate that apple locks the phone down and it looks like every other iphone unless jailbroken which I did. But why do I have to do that to customize it. I know androids could be rooted but my HTC Evo is just fine stock. AT&T raised their termination fee so I am definitely not going back. Also, no insurance on a lost or damaged iphone BOOOOOO! Verizon service is the best in the NYC area but priced to high. I would only think of going to them if they had the iphone which will be one day even though their termination fee is up there. Pics look better on Iphone and the ease of uploading pics and videos is more user friendly on the phone. Google has to fix that definitely. Battery definitely sucks but its the android OS because all phones I tested with Android had the same battery issue. But EVO Qik app over 3g not like the Iphone who can only use it on wifi. Also, free tethering with no charge with PDAnet. Oh yea FLASH with 2.2. And the google MAPS is the best navigation tool I ever used on a phone. And lastly, my battery can be replaced by me and the back cover isn’t that type of material that scratches or leaves cosmetic scratches or smudges on it.