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Enterprise Software veteran, with over twenty years' experience on every side of of business, from user and buyer to VP, CEO and Board Member roles; from Procter & Gamble to Oracle, SAP and OQO. Founder of the OracAlumni Network.
Aactively tracks the trends and strategies of the enterprise software world, shares his news digest and analysis at Next Gen Enterprise.

3 responses to “What can we learn from software development job posts? (Java, SAP, Oracle, SQL, and C#/C++ will get you a job!)”

  1. Suggestion

    Include Adobe Flex, Silverlight, JavaFX and “RIA” (Rich Internet Applications, which covers all three, but often isn’t mentioned) in your next analysis. If that’s too many, focus on just Flex which is supposed to be the most mature/leader in the field.

  2. IT Jobs Recovery

    […] Last summer, the hot job skills were Java, SAP, Oracle, SQL, and C#/C++. Big jumps (from small bases) were posted in demand for Android, Google, Facebook, iPhone,, and AJAX. As a category, big gains were primarily in job posts for programming languages and applications. What’s changed since last summer? […]