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Chief Marketing Officer at Axioma Inc, also Acting CMO for Adjuvi. Previously CMO of LexisNexis North America, Global Vice President at SAP, where he led SAP’s Social Media Strategy & Total Customer Experience efforts. Named to FierceCMO's Top 15 B2B CMO's to watch and one of the top 100 CMO’s on Twitter, Steve is the founder of AbleBrains, a unique agency which utilizes brain science to deliver digital marketing, social media and content and branding to build and scale businesses.

7 responses to “Augmented Reality. Will it ever become a part of the marketing technology mix?”

  1. Ian Greenleigh


    Fantastic article. Your vision of AR ratings & reviews is spot-on. That would be a truly integrated shopping experience.

    Thanks for the mention.

  2. Steve Mann

    Appreciate your praise Ian. My pleasure. Say “hey” to Ze if you speak to him. I had hired him to speak at a combined virtual/real-world event for SAP a coupla years back.

  3. Simon Salt

    Yelp already has this on their app its called Monocle. It is definitely my favorite of the AR viewers right now. I rate higher than Sherpa or Layar (which I was a long time advocate of).
    Marketers should definitely be investing in this already.

  4. Steve Mann

    Simon… agree. The problem is that marketers need smart technologists who can bridge the gap between the tech that is out there and the use case for marketing purposes. I haven’t met many of those but its what is sorely needed.

  5. Gary Hayes

    Thanks Steve and I totally agree that the use of basic marker based AR for ‘fun’ PC apps in current marketing may cause problems in the future – eg: the assumption when you mention AR you are referring to such superficial outings – I cover BTW a range of biz mods for marketing especially here last year which has travelled well and recently an area of AR that really helps marketers understand the potential of another form of AR (recognition) –


  6. Michaela Schmied

    Hi, great article! I agree about ‘Augmented Animation’-terminology… I just wrote a post about the Virtuality Continuum from Wikipedia, which is a virtuality-terminology-model that I like. Your AA, would actually be AV, Augmented Virtuality. Read more about it here:

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