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One response to “Crowdsourcing Our New Logo Design. Time to Vote.”

  1. Uli

    The design concepts look cool but I am still a little bit on the fence regarding the use of crowdsourcing for a logo design. I am somewhat apprehensive as to the quality of the designs as the quantity is there not quite sure about quality. It is a hit and miss at times. I would rather deal directly with the designer designing my logo. I believe that would be more of a positive working relationship. I have used an online logo design service, www logodesignstation com and I have to say being able to communicate with the designer as the designing process was going on, is beneficial in ensuring that the logo design created is top notch. Furthermore, for the price I paid, it was even cheaper than using crowdsourcing. I highly recommend logodesignstation for all of your designing needs. All in all it depends on the logo design companies you work with and at the end of the day, you are paying for a logo design to front your business or company and you need the best logo design out there.