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Global Vice President & Business Leader - Digital Experience & Marketing, Collaboration, Content and Social lines of business for HCL Technologies. He has led international teams and initiatives for large enterprises and leveraging digital technologies to create change, focused on enabling new client experiences, creating new customer markets, & fragmenting markets to destroy existing value chains, by working with clients to shift value within and across industries, change the nature of industry control points, & redefine how work is done.

3 responses to “IT, Cloud & Competitive Advantage”

  1. Chris Gaun

    Nice one. However, it would’ve been nice if you delved more into consolidation – increasing performance while slowing the growth of infrastructure. This point would probably fit under “IT Savvy is based on three main ideas.”

  2. Alec

    great post. you stated:
    “Today, no business can afford to take their eyes off two important areas Cloud & Enterprise 2.0.”

    Are you saying that we are already looking at Cloud 2.0, or am I misreading that? If I can’t, in fact, afford to take my eyes of Cloud 2.0, could you provide a definition that separates it from a Cloud 1.0? Otherwise, nice article!

  3. Eric

    “competition would in a short time try , replicate and improve on this” I think the solution to this would be advantages that are hard or impossible to replicate. I know this sounds easier said but done, but possible. The best competitive advantage is something that can not be replicated by competition.