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3 responses to “Android is so Open, it got Flash Back on the iPhone”

  1. Stevo

    “[Flash] is ubiquitious. Aside from the iWorld, and that changes today”.

    I may not be understanding your post correctly but Flash is still barred from the “iWorld”. Apple has now just made it possible for app developers to use the Flash tool to create iPhone apps, which means they can write code once and publish one file for the web (which can be viewed in the browser of devices that support Flash player, and that *excludes* all iDevices) and another file which can be submitted as an app for the Apple App store.

    Again we will still be seeing the blue lego boxes in iPhone web browsers for the foreseeable future.

  2. JustDre

    Am I the only one who read “resurrecting it [Adobe’s Flash-to-iOS project] wouldn’t be simple”? Nowhere in the original article was there a mention of a “return of Flash to the iWorld”. I guess people just presumed Adobe would do Apple’s bidding; maybe Apple will just buy Adobe.

    Technically speaking, Microsoft’s .NET technology also falls under this umbrella. But since Silverlight is a Flash “wannabe” that isn’t “really there yet”, go on ahead and chortle about your obviously-superior platform of choice while the functionality and tooling in Silverlight continues to surpass the Flash AS3 script kiddie-level porn-banner technology. But I certainly agree competition is good: maybe Microsoft can borrow a page from the EU and have the FTC sue Google or Adobe for trying to suppress competition by bundling Flash player.

  3. Bob Warfield

    Do you really think that after having built it and gotten it into testing, Adobe will now decide to blow off the iWorld in a fit of petulance because Steve Jobs pissed them off?

    Interesting. I guess Adobe’s stock went up like crazy today for no reason at all.