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2 responses to “Watch Out: Your Mobile Devices Are Listening!”

  1. Zoli Erdos

    This must be “who’s listening” day, here’s a quite relevant post on GigaOM: Remember That DM on Twitter? So Do Your Apps

  2. patchu

    Well I guess this is only one of the examples around the potential morass both consumers and companies will walk into. I work in the mobile industry and another example of stuff pointing to scenario where everyone/everything seems to know what I’m doing is @

    The promise here is of devices/services that know how to use information about me, my habits and my life ( or calendar;-) ) to deliver services/information relevant to me at any given point in time . I’d assume that most people have a a vague sense that this promise does in fact come at the cost of privacy. In other words people are willing to let go of certain bits as long as there is that is deemed innocuous ( think Amazon recommendations ) . I guess the trick will be for companies to be “seen” as doing the right thing with the available data . ( think credit card industry )