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Industry Analyst, Consultant and author, former programmer, systems analyst with 25 years experience. Spent three years in Europe as an industry analyst and as Correspondent for Information Week and other industry publications. Regularly consults with leading public and private enterprise software, database, and infrastructure companies. An award-winning columnist for leading IT and business magazines, Josh is widely quoted in the trade and business press and he blogs at Enterprise Matters.

One response to “The End of the HP Way: Can the HP Will Keep the Dream Alive?”

  1. Jim Shorts

    Good post, however, I would like to respectfully disagree with your comment about HP being stuffed with great people. Most of the good folks have already left or have plans to leave. In addition to R&D being slashed, HP cut all their valuable employee benefits and there is absolutely no incentive for them to stay when others like Oracle, IBM and Cisco pay competitively and provide great benefits. Survival of the fittest and now the only people that HP can attract are die hard veterans and Oracle/IBM/Cisco “B” players or old Nortel/Avaya retreads that can’t cut it at the tier one vendors.