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Industry Analyst, Consultant and author, former programmer, systems analyst with 25 years experience. Spent three years in Europe as an industry analyst and as Correspondent for Information Week and other industry publications. Regularly consults with leading public and private enterprise software, database, and infrastructure companies. An award-winning columnist for leading IT and business magazines, Josh is widely quoted in the trade and business press and he blogs at Enterprise Matters.

3 responses to “Looking for the Oxygen at Oracle Open World: High Tide and Low Tide for Fusion Apps”

  1. Andy Klee

    Josh, excellent post about Oracle’s Fusion apps. I agree that Oracle really needs to do a separate Fusion apps conference every year. That will probably start happening in 2015.

    I have worked in the JD Edwards space for 21 years, and I think I know what’s coming:

    In 2015 we’ll see the first significant wave of existing JDE clients convert to Fusion apps for their core business processes.

    In 2020, Oracle will announce that standard JD Edwards support and enhancements are going away by 2025. (No one ever said Applications Unlimited was forever.) By this time there will be a shakeout among all the JDE vendors. The survivors will be supporting former JDE clients on Fusion apps, and competing with everyone else for other Fusion clients.

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