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Partner, Storm Ventures. Previously VP of product management & strategy at across applications and platform. Previously founded and led Oracle SaaS Platform, and held engineering and product management roles in SOA and Identity Management. Anshu has a B. Tech. (Honors) and M.S. in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill respectively. Read his blog here.

2 responses to “Clouds in Boxes – Super Size It – Want Storage and Servers With That?”

  1. Subraya Mallya

    Blows the whole CAPEX/OPEX debate we have been having in the last few years out of the window doesn’t it?

    Architecturally I think the big box thing has merit especially when they eliminate ethernet and replace with latency free infiniband and provide ability to scale/shrink based on thresholds it definitely does not come up short compared to the server farms of commodity hardware.

    On the economics front, if they come up with a mortgage model or a leasing model where customers can lease or amortize the cost of the BOX I think they will still get to transition CAPEX to OPEX. What do you think?

  2. Anshu Sharma

    Well said.