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One response to “Oracle the Partner-Friendly Partner, Round Two: E2Open, Oracle, and Transportation Management”

  1. Steve Sprague

    Josh, SAP has already moved that direction with the SAP investment in Crossgate. I have copied some of the text from the previous SAP/Crossgate TM release, and the partnership extends to service enabled e-Invoicing (EU and Latin America mandates), TM as well as existing LES implementations within R/3, pre-packaged networks with ByDesign, Supply Network Collaboration.

    SAP TM & Crossgate Press Release
    Munich, May 19, 2009 -With the help of Crossgate’s Business-Ready Network, it is now possible for businesses in the transport logistics sector, which use the SAP® Transportation Management (SAP TM) application, to benefit from the advantages of comprehensive B2B connectivity. The network comprises preconfigured profiles based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), which enables businesses to exchange transport-related data with their business partners on an ad-hoc basis. More than 40,000 businesses can already be reached via the B2B platform. Point-to-point connections with business partners, which are commonly used today, are therefore no longer necessary.