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2 responses to “Half of VMWare’s Customer Base Should’ve Bought SaaS”

  1. Duncan

    Disclaimer: I am a VMware Employee.

    Why? You need to look at this as a journey. It took most companies years to have enough confidence in a shared platform to run Exchange, Oracle and for instance SAP om top of it. Giving away all control (regulations / policies) without knowing who is managing it, and more importantly if they can be trusted takes a while.

    A route that would make sense: virtual – IaaS – PaaS/SaaS

  2. Karl

    Why? because Microsoft’s BPOS (Email in cloud) , gmail and others don’t have enterprise class capabilities and features needed to run in large environments that are regulated, need compliance, security and stability.

    They had a bad September.

    At some point, email will be in the cloud for all, just not yet and not for the next 2-3 years until all clients scenarios are ready.