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CMO at SecureAuth Corporation. Previously VP Marketing at NowSecure, Knurld, Ping Identity, VP Business Develoment at Get Satisfaction, CEO at Teqlo and General Partner at SAP Ventures.

3 responses to “Fire Larry Ellison?”

  1. Simon Griffiths

    I accept that Larry’s probably got a choke hold on his board so is hardly likely to be fired. But the other tech companies in your chart have changed CEOs at least once in the last 10 years, and those CEOs don’t spend increasing time chasing around in boats.

  2. jeff nolan

    Larry won’t be fired… ever. He is the single largest shareholder and as such he “owns” this company in more than one respect.

    The other tech companies I highlighted have, with the exception of CSCO, put up weaker stock performance, which is contrary to Ugeux’s argument, so maybe those CEOs should be spending more time on their boats?

  3. Garner Ted

    Says it all…