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8 responses to “Android Phone Without Google Voice? Yes, But What a Deal! You Get What You Pay for @ Virgin Mobile.”

  1. JohnnyW

    Can you make data only voice calls with it? Using Google Voice or Skype with WiFi? Does the Rev0 hurt the call quality of using Skype over 3G, for example?

    I’m looking for a way to use it without exceeding the 300 minutes.

    I appreciate the review! Nice job!!

  2. Tracie

    The question above is what I wanted to know, also. Can you use GV to circumvent the 300 minutes limit? If so, how? I know with Sprint you have to demand the Pick Three (or other calling circle nonsense from other carriers) feature for your plan and then enter your GV number to use in order to get unlimited minutes.

    How would you go about doing this with Virgin Mobile’s $25. a month plan and Google Voice?

  3. The Android App Show – The Android App Show 37

    […] Google Voice doesn’t work completely on the Samsung Intercept for Virgin. This is the pre-paid phone we covered last week. It won’t automatically forward calls to your real number to your Google Voice voicemail box, but it works for incoming calls to your Google Voice number. (link) […]

  4. SeanGB

    I have the Intercept, and because it’s an Android phone, you can download the official Google Voice app from Android Market. Once it’s downloaded, you can activate a voicemail widget (and one for changing your GV settings without having to go online). At that point you do have full Google Voice functionality if you use your GV direct number. Now that Google supports porting, I ported my cell phone number into GV. I’m still getting it set up, but so far it’s seamless for the person on the other end of the call, and there’s no latency at all

  5. Jim

    SeanGB: so you have one number from Virgin Mobile that you don’t use and your GV number that you do, correct?

    When my T-Mobile contract is about to run out I want to get a Virgin Mobile phone and then port the T-Mobile number (which I’ve had for 12 years) to GV. Is that pretty much what you did?

    How long does it take for the porting?

  6. sonia

    I would caution those who want to port their number to GV–GV still doesn’t support sending or receiving picture messages. If you send and receive a lot of data texts, you might want to hold off on porting your number!

  7. Greg

    Thanks for confirming what I suspected all along: Canada has the absolute WORST cell phone rates in the entire world! I’ve heard how bad American cell phone plans are compared with the rest of the world: here with Virgin Mobility, we have to pay $65 a month for 200 anytime minutes and 6 Gb data. You guys are light years ahead of us in terms of competitiveness and pricing. We’re getting slammed by every wireless carrier (Bell wants a whopping $90 a month for 200 minutes and 500 Mb data!) and there is nothing we can do about it short of leaving the country!