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CMO at SecureAuth Corporation. Previously VP Marketing at NowSecure, Knurld, Ping Identity, VP Business Develoment at Get Satisfaction, CEO at Teqlo and General Partner at SAP Ventures.

One response to “Roadmaps… How Much is Too Much?”

  1. Edwin Khodabakchian

    (Hello. This is Edwin Khodabakchian. Feedly / co-founder)

    Thanks for the link.

    Jeff is raising some good points but I have grown to believe that the decision is a lot easier than it seems:

    We live in an increasingly noisy world where we need to make increasingly complex decisions. I believe that the best way to address that is to 1) make a lot of small decisions and 2) be laser focused on listening to your customers. When you are surrendered by customers, all the noise goes away.

    Concretely, we publish and discuss our roadmaps with our users every 6 weeks and try to limit our development cycles to 6-8 weeks – with an update going out every 2 weeks. We also actively engage with our users on GetSatisfaction and Twitter (30-60 minutes per day, every day).

    The only downside I know is that these micro release feel incremental and not as much newsworthy and as a result, we do not get as much press coverage. This is a tradeoff I do not have any problem making.

    At our stage (pre market fit), it is more about understanding who the user is and how to provide value and less about competing with other companies per se.