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One response to “Finally Something Good on the Privacy Front–from Google Latitude”

  1. Ken Norton

    Hi Zoli,

    Thanks for the nice words about Latitude. We consider privacy to be a feature, so we’re glad to hear our email reminders… reminded you.

    As for your other comments, let me shed some more light:

    (1) It’s true that we don’t use GPS in the background but we do use the phone’s network location provider (which is based on cellular and WiFi signals). We get very accurate location data for users when Latitude is running in the background. Do you have WiFi enabled (even when not connected to an access point)? As you indicate, WiFi is much more accurate than cellular especially in urban areas.

    (2) Generally speaking, we update your location very frequently if you are moving – approximately once every minute. If we detect the phone is stationary, we’ll update the location much less frequently, approximately once an hour.

    (3) Finally, we just launched a new feature in Latitude that allows to temporarily request faster location updates for a friend. You will both need Froyo (Android 2.2) and the latest version of Google Mobile Maps (4.6). That feature is very useful for quickly getting a location update for a friend or family member, even if they are stationary:

    Google Latitude Product Manager